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I don't understand why you added "Stein" to his name.
"BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE IN US" -August 6th, 2001 White House Security Memo Discuss.
The 47% are the people who don't pay income tax. That's EXACTLY what Mitt Romney said. It includes people on social security, people who receive medicare, veterans benefits, disability, or anyone else whose income threshold is below the level where income tax is charged, which includes a lot of hardworking people, the highest percentage of whom live in Red states. What YOU consider the moocher class, the 47% may be different, but what MItt said, was "People who don't pay income tax."
You want to declare war on a billion people to convince them what badasses we are? Sure, what could go wrong?
Thanks for bringing that to light. I'm sure now that Romney's victory is assured.
You know one of the mainstays of life in Israel are the kibbutzes, which are, as I'm sure you know, communes. Discuss.
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America at a Precipice, Freedom at Risk

Chris 3694 Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 10:36 PM
Hmmm. That was borderline incoherent. But thank you for sounding the alarm, I'm sure, uh that, uh, we can endanger many more American lives overseas by standing behind anti-religious lunatics even if we don't agree with them, right? You understand that, right? The film that engendered the reactions in the Middle East, and perhaps the death of our embassy people in Bengazi, was ANTI-religious, and I'm guessing it wasn't made by someone on the LEFT. I don't know if their politics had anything to do with it.No one suppressed the filmmaker's right of expression, but the State Dept. did denounce the film as not being supported by the United States in order to try to quell the violence and loss of life OVERSEAS.
I'm glad you brought this to light. Romney will win for sure, now.
Is this a red pill, blue pill thing? You know, the purple pill will stop acid reflux before it starts. That said, I'd like to be part of the reality where we all have health insurance but we still get to baptize dead Jews.
That's an excellent point. There's no way Romney can lose now.
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