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Much Hope in Pope

Chris3668 Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 1:13 PM
Can you imagine the headlines if the Cuomo's are ex-cummuncated from the church? It is hard to follow the teachings of Christ, and so easy to bend faith to fit your political agenda. Just like the Kennedy's, faith is taking a backseat to politics. We all can see where their faith fits in their life's priorities.

Rome -- "May God forgive you." That's Cardinal Timothy Dolan's translation of a joke that Pope Francis told the College of Cardinals a day after being elected the 267th pontiff.

Having watched the prayerful mien of some of the cardinals going into the papal conclave that would elect Argentinean Jorge Mario Bergoglio pope, I have reason to believe that God had something to do with Papa Francisco, as the Romans call their bishop.

Others, of course, see it otherwise.

"I don't think he's what we need right now in the Catholic Church," Madeline Cuomo, the sister of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told Crain's...