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Ms. Malkin has a valid point about Federal Education. It is so removed from reality that they do not understand that teachers are being asked to teach a lesson give an assignment, grade the assignment, give it back to the students to correct, of which many choose not to, and then grade it again. This process repeats till the student finally gets it. My wife graded a set of papers three times before the grades were acceptable. The only people not responsible for their education are the kids: Everyone else is.
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A Man of Sterling Character

Chris3668 Wrote: May 04, 2014 9:21 AM
Very good article Ms. Coulter. Thank you for a different perspective of this issue.
Smitty is a bit off topic.....
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Harry Reid to GOP: Come At Me Bro!

Chris3668 Wrote: Apr 30, 2014 6:21 PM
Senator Reid, If I may ask, how much legislation have you sat on, sent to you from the house?
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Demonizing the Helpers

Chris3668 Wrote: Apr 30, 2014 1:23 PM
In my experience as an educator, it takes a parent, a student, and an educator working together in order for the student to be a success. That does not seem to work in our current system.
Defense attorney's......Gotta love em.
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Politics Versus Education

Chris3668 Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 8:18 AM
Mr. Sowell hits this topic dead center: Politics gets in the way of educating children. Why should anyone have a D, R, or I after their name for a school board seat on a ballot? As a history lesson, just follow the money. Federal dollars were attached to No child left behind, which disappeared after President Bush left office. President Obama's administration creates a "Race to the Top" program with states getting federal dollars for being a part of it. That program stopped this year due to lack of infrastructure to support the testing needed via computer and internet access. As an educator, teachers have to spend their time learning about the latest educational theory, instead of planning their instruction for their students. Thanks to the politicians!
Since she and Ginsburg are lawyers and judges, did they forget to read the Declaration of Independence, where it states the idea that "all men are created equal?" Is this a founding principle of America, or is it not valid , since it was written by back in the late 1700's? Equal protection under the law means it applies to each of us. Of course, I am not a lawyer so that means my view is not valid, as I do not have a degree in double speak for a social agenda.
Secretary Kerry, please explain how an impersonator that sounds just like you said the comments on the radio yesterday? Is this another ..."I was for it before I was against it" moments? It's okay the press will give you a pass for your foot in the mouth error. Can you imagine the howls from the press if anyone other than a Democrat said such a statement?
Another "open the mouth and insert your foot"moment for the Secretary of State, which is becoming a regular occurrence. Secretary Kerry, does shoe leather taste good?
If the good professor knew his music history, jazz musicians like Louie Armstrong were one of the first African Americans to cross the color divide in the country at the time. He needs to listen to Louis Armstrong and the Hot Five in order to appreciate early jazz, an American musical style invention that jazz musicians all over the world play. As for the Disney movie, they created Kipling's story using animals with human qualities. This professor's opinion models exactly what he is complaining about. It is your problem pal. These statements the professor made are based out of ignorance. My guess is this professor never had to take a Music Appreciation class. I am a jazz musician and perform with other jazz musicians of all colors, making music together for others to enjoy.
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