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I am very happy to see one news organization doing a good job in informing the people of the abuses of government.... at least for one day.
Sticks and stones there.....
Ah, another racism attack by the Queen of the house. How do you know you are winning a debate? Listen for the racism attacks to begin. The Attorney General had a huge was cryfest this past weekend on how he and the President were being treated due to their skin color. Newsflash, do you suppose that people could care less about your color, and more about the policies and selective justice that seems to come out of your Justice Department, and that the President has .." a phone and a pen?" While about 11% of both party's may hold these views, I prefer to look at what a person does with their time, energy, and resources to improve their lot in life. To those of you that do this, regardless of the amount of melatonin in your skin, I say Kudos!
D-MN - 43,000. By the way, they donate money to both party's........just pointing out something rather obvious.
That would be the EPA and BLM are not capable of getting along with an American rancher. The turtle and the cow are just fine.
I guess they will go in and tale them over after food riots start in California's major cities, you know, for the people.
Ok, I will play....Where did you hear the debate and vote in Congress to amend the healthcare law, and delay implementation till after the fall elections, or the 38 changes made by executive fiat? Why does the Attorney General have contempt of Congress charges against him? This man is just modeling what our leaders do: Pick and choose which law is to be followed.
Hey pal, how much have social programs cost the US taxpayer in the last five years? Oh wait, we never had a budget for the last five years.
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