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Following this rationale, people are holding the inanimate object responsible for the death of others, versus the human who picked it up and used it as a weapon to kill others. Any weapon does not become a weapon till a person picks it up and uses it as such.
The only oppression is from this fellow as attorney general. If you are any color other than black, you are an oppressor.
The media lynch mob strikes again
Funny how this concern for the middle class took a backseat to the ACA. Now, his party lost seats of historic proportions and he is concerned about the middle class. Senator Schumer needs to go shovel some snow!
The President talks a great game, however his actions speak volumes about his philosophy.
That is a rather interesting point of view. This individual with a fine arts degree, as well as two educational technology degrees, has had a very prosperous and musical life. Those who can will. If it is your passion, follow it through life.
Who da thunk it from the brightest bulbs in the box!
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Tolerate or Be Stamped Out

Chris3668 Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 4:35 PM
Respect is what is lacking in this debate. If you choose to follow the sexual path of homosexuality, I will still respect you even though I will not agree with it. According to the writer from the Times, there will be no respect offered. Therein is the difference.
Sure they can, it all depends on the definition they use at the moment.
This is interesting. This reinforces the Warren plan of ...'you didn't build that by yourself" commentary she made a few weeks ago. We spurned English rule for taxation without representation. Now our representatives want to tax us out of existence. Thanks so much to the people of Massachusetts, Illinois, and Rhode Island for electing the taxation representatives to congress. Do you wonder why any business would open its doors in these states with these representatives?
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