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71% favorability rating. I don't think it's just the Democrat party that likes Bill.....either that or there are no Republicans left.... http://www.pollingreport.com/clinton1.htm
"Once that happens, Republicans will likely stop talking about Obamacare's collapse and will instead start searching for ways to limit the harm done to millions of Americans." Here's a crazy idea......how about Republicans come up with an actual plan of their own to offer as an alternative? I don't mean just mumbling about tort reform (malpractice insurance accounts for 2% or so of health care costs) or selling insurance across state lines (Georgia tried this and it failed miserably). I mean an actual comprehensive plan with new ideas that accomplishes 2 things. First, it gets people the healthcare they need and second, it provides some plan to control healthcare costs. Offer the public something along those lines and put it out there to compete with Obamacare and watch Republicans get elected faster than the bumper sticker booth sells out of Nobama stickers at a Tea Party rally. Continue to just try to repeal Obamacare repeatedly especially as people are seeing more and more benefits to themselves and/or family and the DNC will be sending all those Republican congress critters thank you notes.
The only poll that shows Cuccinelli leading is the one with the smallest sample size from the least reputable firm. The others ALL show McAulilffe leading. Lots of undecided voters yet, but McAuliffe's lead hasn't been "razor thin" and has been consistent all summer. That sounds suspiciously like last year's presidential election. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2013/governor/va/virginia_governor_cuccinelli_vs_mcauliffe-3033.html
It's hard to imagine why the 92% of America that doesn't identify with the Tea Party thinks you guys are nuts after reading a logical post with such solid evidence laid out in such an organized fashion. (rolls eyes) Your tinfoil will need replacing soon, I'm sure those communist mind control rays have almost penetrated the current layers on your head.
The guy has no post secondary degree/diploma of any kind. Not even a certificate for completing a 2 week welding class from a tech college. As a result he's not qualified to be an assistant manager at Wal-Mart. There is exactly 0 chance that this guy will be president.
Consider me schooled by your superior intellect. I wish I could find some good working girls that would take some cash for some fun, but I live in the only small city in an otherwise very rural area that's 70 miles or so from a much larger city. In other words way too many uptight religious nut sacks to be havin' any fun. Bet you're a real fun one. Sympathies to your husband as well.
"As a result, network viewership continues to drop every year." Right.......terrible analysis and an incorrect conclusion. The old networks continue to lose ground to cable shows and shows on the premium networks (HBO, Showtime, etc.). And some of those (that are gaining viewership) border on soft-core porn. Sorry to hear you're such a prude Rachel, my sympathies to your husband.
Uhhhhhhh........it might be worth noting that if you use a baseline that assumes the sequester takes effect (as one should since that's current law as written) then the plan passed by House Republicans would have added tens of billions of dollars to the deficit this year as well. There has been NO plan of any kind to replace the sequester that cuts even 20% as much spending as the sequester itself.
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Chris Christie Won't Be At CPAC

Chris2189 Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 6:50 AM
And yet the polls show Christie as the ONLY GOP candidate that even registers as competitive for 2016 (at least thus far, 2016 is still along way off). In other words the GOP can not only win WITHOUT the Tea Party, they MUST get rid of the tea party IN ORDER TO win.
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Poll: When In Doubt, Blame Republicans

Chris2189 Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 6:27 PM
Typical Tea Party type, overly simplified solution to an incredibly complex problem. Sure, it was Hoover alright. His whopping 9 months of governance caused everything to go from screaming great to a massive depression. Blinders on much? By the way, Harding was still alive (and the most corrupt President in history) in 1921.
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