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Max De Pree has the answer to Ferguson

Chris1482 Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 5:08 PM
In lieu of eliminating all welfare, we could start by limiting what EBT cards (formerly food stamps) can buy. Yes, it's illegal for merchants to accept them for cigarettes, liquor, etc, but they could be narrowed even more as the WIC (women, infants, children) program is now. WIC allows only certain types of healthy foods to be bought-- no high sugar cereal, for example. EBT should allow only certain basic foods to be bought. After all, if somebody else is buying your meals, they should expect you to spend their money wisely.
Those who say that Bundy is not following the law are missing the point. The protesters are saying that we are near (or at) a point where the federal government can justify anything it does by passing a law or getting the Supreme Court declare any law constitutional. So, yes, Bundy is not paying his bills, and that's technically against the law. The protestors are saying we are rapidly approaching the day where the federal government will declare YOU to be the next victim just because it wants to and in explanation will simply say you flouted the law and the media will swallow every bit of it. How many times does this have to happen for people to understand? Sadly, we know that for some people,it will be forever.
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