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This is not the smoking gun of voter fraud that it appears. 247K vote cards cast but there are 2 cards cast per voter, so half of 247k is about 70 percent voted. nothing unusual there.
The math is good so you need 2 explain yourself. The Demprogs are the ones who are good at spreading misinformation even in the face of evidence to the contrary, so let them do it, thats not what conservatives are about. You make us look bad.
yeah i mean we all know there is voter fraud but this isnt the smoking gun it is being reported as
Twitchy is reporting that 247K cards cast but 2cards per voter so 247k cards cast is actually 123-124k votes, which would be about 70 percent, not unusual and so therefore no voter fraud.
from what I heard Obama likes things right up his alley
I don't think Biden and Cutter are both this stupid, so I conclude they are intentionally deceiving, and this must be a false narrative that is being agreed to by some in the Obama Camp (because I have heard it now 3 times) , to be pushed regularly as to hope people believe it. I have yet to see someone call them to the table on it, if they keep pushing it, a network or someone needs to call them out on the lie. Saying that the White House also disavowed the apology isn't enough, it needs to be pointed out they are lying and specifically saying that Romney's critical first response was to the Libya attacks.
I noticed that Joe Biden in the debate, and also Stephanie Cutter have verbalized the same false narrative. The false narrative being that Romney was the first to respond to the Libya attacks where Americans were killed and so in being critical was trying to score cheap and inappropropriate political points. The truth of course is that Romney's criticism they are referring to happened before the Libya attack was known. There were protests and rioting and flags being burned at the Cairo embassy and the embassy issued an apology and this apology is what Romney criticized and rightly so.
Herman Cain says if there had been a level playing field during the Republican primaries, he’d be receiving the GOP nomination in Tampa. “If everyone had competed fairly and honestly, I’d probably be the nominee being nominated this week,” the former GOP presidential candidate said on CBS Sunday. “The process is fair but many people that are involved in the process are not fair and they are not honest.” This sounds like sour grapes and also an unfounded accusation against some of the other candidates including Romney.
before she is about to speak, she gets this look on her face like she is forcing air down her throat to do a fake burp. other than that though she is somewhat attractive.
Am I the only one that finds it strange this guy wants do this drive thru routine to show that he is against gayhate and yet feels compelled to explain to a total stranger that he doesn’t have a gay bone in his body
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