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Five Policy Reasons and Five Political Reasons Why Republicans Should Keep their No-Tax-Hike Promises

Texas Chris Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 2:58 PM
If I spend more than I make, I can't just go to my employer and demand a pay increase. I must cut my spending. So should government. If I max out my credit card, I cannot call the card company and demand they raise the limit. Neither should government. If I sign a contract with my employer to do a job, and then I blatantly violate that contract, I could be charged with fraud, and jailed. So should elected officials. Government has no authority that an individual doesn't have. It can't do what we can't do. DC must learn to live within the confines of the amount of taxation we, the people, will tolerate.

The politicians claim that they are negotiating about how best to reduce the deficit. That irks me because our fiscal problem is excessive government spending. Red ink is merely a symptom of that underlying problem.

But that’s a rhetorical gripe. My bigger concern is that politicians are prevaricating. They’re really talking about higher taxes in order to enable a bigger burden of government spending, not less red ink. I make this point in an interview on Fox Business Network.

This is the point where I often elaborate on issues raised in the interview, but let’s instead build on the...

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