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The Left Learned Wrong Lessons from Nazism

Chries Wrote: Dec 11, 2013 9:42 PM
The Original King Wrote: "Chries........if you've never heard him make those points you obviously don't listen to his shows or read his columns that often." I regularly read Prager's columns and go out of my way to listen to his radio show streamed on the internet. That's why I know the your attributions are inaccurate. If you can provide exact quotations and the accompanying link from which you lifted the quotes, I will admit I'm wrong. Seventeen76 is a little over the top, but his premise that you have a personal problem with Prager appears to be accurate. I would be interested in the story of why you appear to disagree with Prager's work on such a personal level --- even to the point that you would be willing to spread lies about what he says.