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"The Advent of Controversy"

Chries Wrote: Dec 04, 2014 12:15 PM
"I want to KNOW Christ, The Power of His Resurrection, The sharing in His suffering, To be like him in his death, To attain to the resurrection from the dead." Christ is WAY more than just a baby in a manger. Merry Christmas, everyone.
There are actually three types of people in our society: - People who do not work but don't worry about money (the wealthy) - People who do not work but live off welfare (the poor) - People who work hard to earn, save, and support their families (the middle class) The majority of the wealthy and the majority of the poor support the Democrats. No wonder the Democrats want to damage the economy to the point that more and more people in the middle class are forced onto the welfare (foodstamps, disability, medicaid) rolls.
If you think Rand Paul as the GOP nominee is key to the reform this country needs, you are mistaken. Rand Paul would be great as a senator, a cabinet appointee (anything but defense), or as a spokesman for certain domestic issues. Chris RomBush should never run for Prez, but there are a lot of truly GREAT candidates who are way better than Rand Paul.
"... it's not accurate to say that I am unwilling to accept the proposition that there is a creator." So, TOK, are you now saying that you are agnostic, or are you still an atheist? Do you believe there is a God but that His nature is unclear? Do you reject the Ten Commandments or do you simply reject the ideas surrounding their origin? Have you ever professed faith in God? I've experienced the miraculous intervention of God in my life; daily Bible reading is part of my life's routine; I am fascinated by the Bible and the study of theology. My reason and my rationality confirm my faith each day. Since you seem reasonable and rational, it is difficult for me to reconcile many of your comments in response to this particular column.
From a comment below: "... if there really was a God... ' "... try to believe the entire fairy tail about where these commandments supposedly came from... " "... there is absolutely no evidence that there ever was a set of commandments... " There may be only one reason for an individual to deny the existence of the God Who gave us the Ten Commandments and to deny the existence of the commandments: The fear that the individual will one day be answerable to his Creator for the way they lived their life and that they would be accountable for the way they followed, or failed to follow, His Ten Commandments. As Charles Krauthammer (an avowed agnostic) points out, atheism is "a violation of human rationality."
First of all, Prager is a Jew and not a Christian. Second, Jesus' words in no way contradict Prager's words. Murder does not just happen in a vacuum; the heart of a murderer (the soul) is first turned toward anger and when that anger issue is not resolved, the act of murder often follows. Jesus is addressing that heart issue. Paul also addresses the issue of the heart with the following: "... if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved."
I have to say, while I sometimes disagree with Prager's politics, and most often I disagree with his theology, I find nothing to disagree with in this column. Outstanding; I look forward to seeing the series at
If I were a girls' high school basketball coach, I would enlist all the boys who tried out for varsity basketball and didn't make the team, have them wear girls' clothes and use the girls' restrooms, then take that team to an undefeated season (assuming other teams were not doing the same thing). At some point, female athletes won't be able to compete with all the transgender "girls" who have decided to play girls' sports in Jr. High and High School, and girls will, once again, not be allowed to play sports. How far are we going to allow this nonsense to go?
"Let's all old our breath as we wait for the MSM to report this." Clearly, you want to die sooner rather than later. :-)
Sexist? Please don't associate Landrieu with any word that has the word "sex" in it... that is just WRONG on so many levels...
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Poverty Causes Crime?

Chries Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 1:53 PM
"You would think it would follow... " You are adding something to Prager's words that he himself would not add because there is nothing logical about the connection you are making. Judeo-Christian values are very similar to the cultural values in many groups that are neither Jewish nor Christian, demonstrating the fact that God implanted a moral code when He created man. "Indeed, when [those], who do not have the law [the Ten Commandments], do by nature things required by the law, ...even though they do not have the law. They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them." Romans chapter 2 It is still true: Poverty does not cause crime; crime causes poverty - period. Do you agree or disagree with that statement?
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