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Ayotte Proposal Fails to Reach Senate Floor

Chries Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 12:08 PM
Obama was inaugurated in 2009 but he has yet to assume the role of President. He continues to campaign against the opposition in Washington, acting as if he is still campaigning against an opponent in the White House. Clint Eastwood was right - an empty chair most accurately represents Obama's Presidency.

Republicans and Democrats voted against both proposed solutions to the sequester on Thursday guaranteeing that the scheduled budget cuts will take effect on Friday. The Democrat sponsored alternative would have replaced the $85 billion in cuts with tax increases on the wealthy and cuts on defense and farm spending, it failed 51-49. The Republican backed proposal would delay the sequester until March 15th, and provide President Obama with the discretion to make appropriate budget cuts. The plan also failed 38-62.

The ensuing week will be consumed with pointed rhetoric assigning blame amongst both parties. Unfortunately, another proposal by Sen....