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New Guideline for Afghan Troops: Don't Kill Westerners for Cultural Ignorance

chowching Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 1:47 PM
Muslims never throw rocks when Muhammads name is insulted, but they will burn and kill for a serving of goat meat and camels milk. They are the lowest paid rioters.


There's been a troubling uptick in "green on blue" violence as its known -- Afghan troops turning on their NATO counterparts and at times, killing them. Now, it seems an Afghan military official and a NATO chaplain have pinpointed a cause: cultural misunderstandings, where Western troops accidentally and unknowingly gravely insult Aghan troops. The two leaders have written a pamphlet for the Afghan troops, explaining that mortally offensive gestures to them are often completely meaningless to the Westerners.

It warns Afghan soldiers that their international allies may blow their noses in public or "show their excitement...

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