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Fatwa Issued Against U.S. Diplomats

chowching Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 3:49 PM
Poison gas has been generously used in world war one and against Jews and Kurds. Nobody but the victims and their families gave a hoot. There is no doubt that poison gas will be used again to control unruly mobs and burdensome populations. Nobody but the victims and their families will give a hoot.
Protests are expected in desert kingdoms when the new cigarette named PEDOPHILE hits the stores. It will show a logo of Muhammad on the packaging. No Muslim will smoke it, but it will be purchased by millions of Islamophobes. The brand and its logo are being sold to beer and clothing makers, a football team is negotiating for the right to use the name.
Muhammadanism is a cult whose members believe that their hero was an ideal human being. But the media has the talent to change that image and portray Muhammad as vile and perverted. In less than a decade the cult would be without membership, the enlightened would jump ship because they had no desire for being associated with a pedophile.
Teachers in America complain that the reasons many students remain dumb is because of poorly lit and shabby classrooms. China produced over 50 million computer engineers and scientists, some students learned while they sat on cold earth.
Nuking Arab cities would result in worldwide protests, but sign wavers are harmless. The demolition will bring to an end the Muslim cult; the few left will not speak of Allah or Muhammad. Tourists are welcome to shop for bargains in the land of sunshine and sand.
Muhammad the perfect has had his holy name desecrated; those responsible for this Blasphemy must be extradited and handed over to a Qadi. He will pass judgment on the infidels that have committed the mother of all crimes.
Humor is under attack in America; Muhammad has become off limit for jokesters. Fear of inciting riots has curbed freedom of speech, but some fun lovers are still committing Blasphemy after a few drinks.
Single white women favored Big O by 2-1 in an Aug 2012 Quinnipiac poll; they would also love him as a dancer at Chippendale`s. The other guy might be wealthier, but Big O is smoother, slicker, and exotic.
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