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keep banging that benghazi drum it's working as well as the "fast and furious" tuba the GOP played for 3 years in the first term soon, the Republican party will sound just like its standard-bearer: a cranky old man yelling at a chair. viva clint eastwood
the rifle used in the killing in Ct had a 30 round magazine; on semi-auto, it can fire a cartridge with a muzzle velocity that allows for a 500 yd range; and it is highly lethal at 300 yd. even an untrained user can fire all 30 cartridges in under a minute, and with a limited amount of training, can replace an empty magazine with a full one in under 10 seconds. that sounds pretty damn military to me
yes the states are solving fiscal problems by cutting school hours and calendars eliminating aid to local education racing to the bottom
and the morons in the GOP set him up for it
a whole bunch of Republicans think you can't get pregnant from a rape it just shows that the level of ignorance is concentrated in some groups
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Tim Scott's Perfect Pro-Life Record

choffman336 Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 5:11 PM
he'll get "primaried" and will serve no more than the minimum
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Romney Was Not the Problem

choffman336 Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 5:09 PM
romney could have won he's a stiff and everyone hated him heck - even you hated him, and the only reason you were for him is because you hated obama even more
crazy lady - a 223 = an m-16 on single-shot an m-16 on single-shot can fire between 30 and 40 rounds per minute - and that's for a slow, inexperienced shooter. a practiced shooter can get off 45-55 rounds in a minute - emptying the clip in less than a minute and reloading within 50 seconds total. that may not be "high-powered" for 10-division battle in WW2' but when you're up against civilians, even adults who can run rather than kids ln a room, that 30 round clip in a 223 rifle might well have been an A-Bomb
elimination of the Bush tax cuts on taxable income in excess of $250k is a meaningful contribution to deficit reduction; limiting increases to income in excess of $1m is a hollow gesture that effects far too few to make any dent in the numbers
great to live in delusion-ville, isn't it/
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