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When is enough enough? I am so sick of hearing blame bush, This is down right stupid. It is time to quite banding words with these liberals and get them out. Everyone of them should be fired. They are all sitting up there like they are untouchable. Guess what Mr. president, you answer to the American People and we are sick to death of your unconstitutional acts, and executive orders. It is time to man up and accept responsibility for your actions. You should be impeached and so should Holder. Neither one of you are worth the airtime to listen to you speak. All you do is lie and blame someone else. I am so sick of hearing this.
Eric Holder is a disgrace to the office of Attorney General and to the United States. He should be charged and removed from office. It appears that Obama is helping him and the DOJ to lie to congress, this is yet another reason he should be impeached.
A report a few months back stated that the dept. of justice and the DEA allowe thousands of pounds of Pot to be trafficed into the U.S, in return the man smuggleing these drugs gave information to the DEA on rival cartels. Nothing else has came out about this that I have heard, but if this is what Holder is refering to as taking actions against cartels then maybe he should stay at home. He got nothing done by allowing one to smuggle drugs just to arrest another one. I wish I knew where to look this story up at, but I cant seem to find anymore on it. Fox reported on it one time and now they have nothing on their we page.
I hope that one day the GOP will pull its head out of its rear ends and do what needs to be done in washington. Issa should pursue this with everything he has, This sort of thing should not be allowed, If all documents were released they would probably point right to Obama, so if they do their Jobs then maybe we could be rid of both of the problems.
If senior officials knew nothing about Fast ans Furious then they should be fired for their inability to do their job. An operation of this size should have only gotten the authority from the highest official. Eric Holder is lying, he has been lying all along and they keep catchin him in lie after lie, why will they not do something about it. Charge him with contempt and pergury.
It is time for congress to act and get rid of this guy. Look at his body language when a conservative republican is speaking to him, He leans back, laughs, like he dont give a damn what they have got to say. They should charge him with contempt and purgery. He has lied to congress, failed to give them the documents they requested, and he has been part of a massive cover up. This was not just a botched operation, this violated federal law, the constitution and put our relations with mexico in jeopardy. He needs to be held accountable.
Eric Holder should not have Jurisdiction over anybody. That man has done nothing legal the whole time he has held that position. Who does he think he is? He should be fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law.
The far left knows that the only way for them to "Fundamentaly Change America" is to disarm the American people. If this administrations and its followers are allowed to take away the 2nd Amendment do you think that they will allow us the rest of the freedoms we are guarenteed in the Bill of Rights? No, they will take away each and everyone of them. The 2nd Amendment was put in the Bill of Rights to guarntee the freedom of the American People. The federal government needs to fear the people, that is the only way our form of government will continue to work. These washington communist cant stand the thought for people having individual freedoms, the try to put them off as collective rights but that is not the case.
We need to watch out here, Obama seems to jump on whatever communist bandwagon is popular at the moment.
I guess that I havent heard about a bombing in Kansas? What happened?
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