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What About Rights for the Unborn?

chipsmydog Wrote: May 11, 2012 12:18 AM
That amendment failed because it would have been nearly impossible to enforce, not because the people of Mississippi don't value life in the womb. Tell us, enlightened one, when exactly does a baby in the womb come up on your value radar? You value your life, right? But value occurs in your wisdom, only after certain calendar dates or qualifying behavior occurs. Please share with us, all wise little god. I"d risk that your own mother valued you in the womb from the onset. Self absorbed humanists always reek of hypocrisy.
If the President genuinely believes that states should have the power to decide for themselves about gay marriage, then shouldn't states also have the power to decide for themselves whether abortion-on-demand should remain the law within their borders?

For those who believe the right to marry is central to liberty and humanity, isn't the right to life even more so?  It's remarkable that some think that "history" is on the side of rights for gays . . . but not for the unborn.