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More of the Same

chipsmydog Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 12:53 PM
There are some conservatives alive and in the Congress. They are in such a minority they seem to be side show circus acts to the majority of Americans that live U.S. Treasury distribution to U.S. Treasury distribution. We saw a real indicator when Paul Ryan, having a reasonable and intelligent approach to American debt and spending rate, was quickly marginalized as a radical hater of the American citizen. America has an ethical/moral problem. All the other issues are symptomatic. Go after the root cause, and stop whacking at the branches.( paraphrase of H.D. Thoreau)

Everything that everyone loathes about Washington was present in the "fiscal cliff" bill just passed by Congress. It is 153 pages long; most members probably hadn't read all of it before voting on it; it was delivered in the middle of the night; it was loaded with pork -- the mother's milk (to mix a metaphor) of politicians -- and while the country is already swamped with massive debt, it contains massive giveaways to satisfy interest groups and campaign contributors. Did I mention the bill raises taxes on top of the coming Obamacare taxes, but does nothing -- nothing -- to...