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Your comment is outrageously dishonest. The issue concerning all things homosexual is about sin and blatant rebellion against God Almighty. If a human being insists on rejecting the clear teaching of God's Bible, He says that they will suffer the consequences. When someone speeds and is issued a ticket by the police, no one but delusional humanists squeal unequal treatment under the law due to their preferred choice of rebellion against God Almighty. This nation is in decline because of blatant and militant rebellion against Jesus Christ and the Word of God.
Want protection from satan and his children? Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, right now! Serve Him with a true heart and learn about the True God in His Bible. The judgment of a Holy God on a people the persistently despises Him manifests in His turning them over to their enemies which He previously protected them from.
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The Profitable Federal Reserve?

chipsmydog Wrote: Jan 11, 2015 6:24 PM
He was trying to benignly bring attention to the fact that the Fed is a private corporation in business to wield global power and earn a mind numbing profit while influencing the lives of most of the global population. But you are correct to point out that the entire topic is irrelevant since most lf the world population is conditioned to think like a serf.
Let's not forget that atheistic humanists are voted into office by a large number of citizens who are at least amoral. The idea that a "few" God haters are the issue in America is to deny the effects of original sin and the truth about sincere Christians being in the minority.
It's as if God was really wise and knows what's best for the human beings He created.
Thanks, PETA, for the pathetic attempt to justify your existence. The day you advocate for unborn human babies is the day you begin to make good use of the air God Almighty created and allows you to breath.
I thought Uriah Heep was a fictional character.
The self serving humanist is mass produced daily by the tax payer supported, secular seminaries, a.k.a. the American Public Education System.
Those that have a problem with the police usually give probable cause to get attention from law enforcement. Ever meet someone with a chip on their shoulder? This why Jesus Christ stressed the importance of forgiveness.
"Strain at agnat, swallow a camel", on a scale that is unprecedented.
"Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord God."
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