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The Revolutions of July

chipsmydog Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 7:35 PM
Actually, you underestimate the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Bible. It seems you underestimate the importance of God Almighty Himself. Simply put, there are no natural contingencies that trump the power of God to be glorified in flagrantly impossible situations. France continues to reap the harvest sown in the 18th century. By the grace of God we will not mirror such depressing humanism anytime soon.
The American Public Education System is indoctrinating future liberal lemmings every school day. Well done, America, sterilizing American schools of God Almighty, Jesus Christ, the Bible, prayer, and the Ten Commandments.
That is why Jesus Christ died on the Cross for you and me.
That is why Jesus Christ died on the Cross for you and me.
Atheistic humanists make up their own world, using their own language, with words they redefine to support their anti-Christ, truth hating agenda. An adult that can not see the need to protect human life is toxic to all God given ethics and morals.
Didn't we hear about how the Alaskan Pipeline was also going to destroy the ecosystem? The Swiss are tunneling under the Alps but America can't bury a pipeline and let the birds dance on the surface? Urban development and the gigantic heat sinks they are should be a serious focus for restraint and retrofit.
As Americans dependency on the government increases, opportunistic tyrants are happy to become your mommy. "I will not rest until all your children meet my expectations, FLOTUS."
America has been great because God Almighty has been gracious and merciful to her. America was birthed out of a strong Judeo/Christian ethic, (Pilgrims, Puritans, and the First Great Awakening), and will only survive if we believe and trust in Jesus Christ and His Bible. Church History is the bedrock of American History.
Remember when the NYT Bestseller list meant something?
And no one ever warned you about the toxic waste that is "socialism"?
Good job of pointing out the incremental decline of Western society as it becomes more Godless and human life becomes even more trivial. America has a moral problem. All the other issues are symptomatic.
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