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Why Obama Will Never Be Lincoln or King

Chip. Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 1:18 PM
I disagree but would be happy to look at any documentation to back up your assertion, annfan. But I think it is common knowledge that slavery was slowly being outlawed in the western world over the period of many centuries, and in the northern states between the revolution and the Civil War. England and the Northern States were applying pressure on the South to end slavery. And technology was changing everything over that time, so by the time the civil war broke out the only states where slavery was still profitable were where cotton was still grown. If time had been given a chance, the south would have transformed into a "Jim Crow" society all on its own, or at least without the help of a war.

Watching the movie Lincoln, I thought there were some similarities between President Abraham Lincoln and President Barack Obama. Both men were popular during their times. During the film, Mary Todd Lincoln pleads with her husband not to squander his popularity with the American people by forcing Congress to pass the 13th amendment ending slavery as the Civil War was already coming to an end.

“No one’s ever been loved so much by the people. Don’t waste that power,” Mary Todd played exceptionally by Sally Fields tells her husband. But Lincoln, portrayed forcefully by Daniel Day Lewis, looked at...