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Who is John Galt? And Why Does Ayn Rand Still Fascinate The Young?

Chip. Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 1:34 AM
Many say that old age is just a state of mind. Certainly it is the state of Greenberg's mind. I wonder though, if that is the right way to be.

Ayn Rand is back in the news, as she always is in the subconscious of healthy American males. Reading her is as much a developmental stage as puberty. Most grow out of it, but that doesn't mean it leaves them, it just becomes part of their make-up somewhere back there. Like old girlfriends or nights on the town fondly remembered, but not something they'd want to go through again, please God.

For a brief bright period, as with all forms of intoxication, the subject is convinced he's discovered the secret of the universe, the essence of existence, his purpose in life...