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The Denver Debate: A Second Look

Chip. Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 10:18 PM
Such a .. artistic column... But I'd word the debates in more basic terms. It would take a truly pathetic Republican candidate to not be able to beat Obama. And the reason is simple: Romney hammered Obama because unlike 4 years ago, we all now have 4 years of nightmares we can question Obama about, one at a time for quite a long time. Romney was having as much a bonanza of vittels as a seagull hovering over a big garbage heap.

The first presidential debate of 2012 is now behind us.

And Republican challenger Mitt Romney won it handily.

No one challenges this verdict. Even President Obama’s most ardent supporters concede it by way of the truly laughable excuses to which they’ve resorted in accounting for the decisive drubbing that their candidate received.

But while the conventional wisdom concerning the victor is sound enough, the conventional wisdom concerning the debate’s loser is not so much.

Obama, we are told, was “off his game.” From Denver’s altitude to personal family issues, every conceivable rationale has been offered by the President’s...