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'The Jew in the Box'

Chip. Wrote: Apr 05, 2013 3:05 AM
I think Germans with a Protestant background really have had a hankering to go pagan, all along, hence the animosity towards orthodox Jewish people. Since secular Jewish people represent multicultural ideas Germans cannot relate to, Germans make no distinction between religious and atheist Jewsih people, except to understand that both types are alien to them and their folksey pagan inclinations. So a "Jew in the box" is an amusing curiosity to a post protestant new age socialist atheist folksey German. But Fields would have us believe that Nazis and anti-Jewish forces are alive and well and the real enemy, when in fact Nazis have been dead since 1045, and the real threat is communism/socialism/paganism.

"Art" can smooth the rough edges of life, nurturing beauty and imagination, and showing a different and provocative way of looking at the world, but artists -- and museums and galleries that show their work -- are sometimes surprised by the hostile reception their works provoke. Sensitivity to the feelings of the public, the consumers of art, is not necessarily a cultivated art.

The Jewish Museum in Berlin is learning that lesson with an exhibit innocently described as "The Whole Truth: Everything You Wanted to Know About Jews."

Such an exhibit is particularly appropriate in Germany, where there aren't any longer...

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