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Loudmouthed Latino Demonstrators Cow American-Owned Hotel

Chip. Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 1:45 AM
Well, it just goes to show how the realities faced in one's own real life really affect peoples' points of view. A person can simply know just from the news and history that some leader was an evil menace to the world, but it is altogether different for those who's lives were shaped by them. They know a lot more, and so are the ones who take a stand.

This week some “Latinos” in Florida detected an “ethnic slur” on the wall of the ritzy South Beach Hotel W’s lounge. Within minutes all hell broke loose. A few stormed over to the manager and DEMANDED it be taken down, promptly and ceremoniously! The rest got on their BlackBerrys and iPhones to “burn up the wires.” Word spread throughout this tightly-knit “Latino community” and soon the hotel was blitzed with scathing e-mails, phone calls and tweets.

This “Latino” groups powerful “Latina” Congressperson even jumped into the fray, firing off a letter to the Hotel owners, denouncing the “insensitivity” of the picture...