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Giving Up but Holding On to Hope in Our Changing Culture

Chip. Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 2:19 AM
Talking about actual real life problems could be a rich thing, because very little on TH does that, but I don't think most regular Americans would be interested in this particular type of story. The only reason a high school sophomore would even know what the term "gay" means, for example, is that he already lives in what is, by past American standards, a degenerated society. And so I don't know many who would actually know what dealing with the matter "in accordance with your faith" would translate into. But my translation would be that, because the Bible says to avoid homosexuals, that if the nephew is not happy 1) living a chaste life and 2)avoiding discussing being "gay", he should be carefully avoided by the others. Next, please.

I quit.

I just can’t do it anymore. I give up. I surrender. I call “Uncle.”

For years, I’ve stood at the intersection of parenting and politics, trying to point out the myriad ways in which we are letting our culture change our children, only to anticipate with certain alarm the impact those changes will have on the character and spirit of our families and the communities we share.

It is clear that my analyses, warnings and predictions aren’t going to solve anything. Heck, I wrote a whole book that essentially predicted the attitudes of the youths involved in the Occupy...