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Praising Allah at the National Cathedral

Chip. Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 3:36 AM
It may say more to point out, as the author did, the brave lady who acted on her own and spoke up at that event , and who spoke well though her words seemed partially drowned out, but it must also be said that the sole Christian cleric who helped invite the Moslems to that place was a woman. and as this is a new type of event, and a it would seem , wrong one, so, too, are women occupying high formal positions within Christian churches, a new event, and a wrong one. For which we just paid a price.
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Rogue President

Chip. Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 3:17 AM
Buchanon's pessimism actually did long seem bold and true, but 1) it's almost cliche now--everyone knows the danger and 2) we should now be talking not what BHO and his ilk are going to do to us, but what we are going to do to them. First, let's look at BHO's strategy. By waiting until the elections are over to try to issue this executive order, he knows that neither the voters among the public nor the Congress will back him on this. So the question is, who would? I think the answer is nobody would, or at worst a bunch of no count nobodys would. Boehner will have all he needs to "burn" BHO with his lawsuit, and now that this order is added to the list of past grievances, impeachment would seem not only possible, but necessary to set an example for future occupiers of the White House and those for whom they set their examples of conduct and ethics, which is that people like him will sooner or later get kicked out of office and consigned to the trash heap of history. .
Better yet he should be impeached, because BHO's example of unrepresentative and extremist leadership will otherwise be followed by all presidents, as will the example of dishonesty in getting things he wants, be followed by our society. It's high time to kick the lying leftist dirrt bag out into the streets.
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The Right GOP Response to Obama's Actions

Chip. Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 12:53 AM
I'm all for equal justice and rights for minorities, but nothing more. That is where it ends. No special rights to break laws or have greater protections of any kind. When I read the title of Chavez's column here, "The Right GOP Response to Obama's Actions", I knew in advance before reading it, that she would say that Republicans should do nothing. Can anyone guess why? The game is getting a bit old. The same faces and names, whatever the issue, whatever it's merits or lack thereof, the same mind spinning unwavering adherence to their same personal agendas for this nation whose only sin is that their own color or race or ethnicity does not comprise it's majority in appearance, or in thought. At best. At worse it is simply the outright soft and slow extermination of conservative white society. That is not reason. That type of position is a major challenge to the feasibility of the First Amendment which protects our freedom of speech. In fact, the existence of the radical left is a major challenge to any free society, anywhere. This week BHO decided to try to continue the cycle of allowing amnesty to illegal aliens because the recent elections have shown that the Democratic party is running out of voters to be a viable force anymore, so it's just time to import some more. Republicans would be happy to permit another amnesty, but only if the borders can be secure. It takes a lot of nerve to suggest the border security should come after permitting just one more amnesty because that was said and said again before, and this turned out to be the very reason we still have this mess today.
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Why China Is Cooperating on Climate Change

Chip. Wrote: Nov 16, 2014 1:50 AM
"....we have a worrisome rival end an indispensable partner." End. Seen this a lot in recent weeks. Looks like even the lib columnists can't even properly proof their columns these days. I wonder what gives. Uncertain about certain current issues? Just look up and see If Chapman has anything to say on the subject, then you can be completely confident that you will never go wrong by doing the exact opposite of whatever he advises. (I wonder if we have any (truly conservative) columnists posting their articles on the radical liberal websites... Anyway, if the slaves of emperor Chin are finally cutting back their coal use, it could only be due to compelling realities of decades of coal overuse that would never happen in a civilized country, such as millions of lost workers from lung damage due to massive coal soot constantly blotting out the very sunlight in their cities, which they are realizing is costlier to their economy that looking for less polluting alternatives. Whatever cost to the rest of the world in terms of global warming effects and rising sea levels, all that would be no more of an issue to the Chinese that it has been to the Japanese, who long ago were only too happy to host the Kyoto Protocols to reduce global warming because Japan, which has few fossil fuel resources such as oil or coal, and is (or was) heavily dependent on nuclear power and energy efficiency policies of all kinds as a consequence, never was much of a carbon-emitting society in the first place. Carbon credits suited their bottom line, pure and simple, and now they suit China, too.
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An Election Day Homily

Chip. Wrote: Nov 02, 2014 1:15 AM
I like that. Slamming the stigma on anything that is "intrinsically disordered" as readily as the other side would slam the stigma on anything they regard as "racist", "__-phobic", etcetra, would be an effective and very easy form of fair and yet asymmetric diplomatic warfare. A big problem is debating the issues is that 1) these issues should not have be be under debate in the first place and 2) the rules of the debate are based on false assumptions.
Actually I was using satire. He HAS succeeded, but not at what he claimed he was doing, but rather at what he is really trying to do.
And the fact that this yellowcake remained unenriched even though this column indicates that France had supplied it to Iraq sometime around 1981, when the US was on friendly terms with Iraq and long before the US ambassador April Glaspie encourage Iraq to invade Kuwait, and evenlonger long before the US invaded Iraq on bogus claims of WMDs, only goes to show that Iraq had no significant nuclear weapons program since 1981, or else that yellowcake would not have been sitting there so long, completely unenriched, useless for nuclear power not to mention nuclear weapons.
Yellowcake is a product of uranium ore that is produced shortly after it is mined and has not yet begun the purification or enrichment process, so it's radioactivity and lit's "grade" is exactly the same as naturally occurring uranium. So yellowcake can never be weapons grade or reactor grade at all. Nor can it be "radioactive" as the author here said, though I do not doubt it'sbeing extremely heavy in weight.
BHO helps fund and supply ISIL, so nothing to worry about. All we need to do is just ask him to be sure to tell them not to use any of those WMDs against anybody.
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Help for Middle East Christians

Chip. Wrote: Oct 29, 2014 2:01 AM
There are several other websites that are carrying this column by Cal Thomas, and in each of them, where it is announced in his column, "The Cradle of Christianity Fund" is itself a hyperlink to the donation site itself. But not here at With all of it's high-tech--all it's computer memory draining advertizements, all it's distracting bells and whistles, alas there is not the hyperlink, leaving the reader to wonder where the donation website is. It appears to be here: Although there also are some pretender websites also out there. So far there were practically no comments on the article here on TH all day. People really do suffer from apathy on this site. I wonder, though, whether some Iraqi and Syrian oil revenues, or aid direct from America, will be used to help these refugees.
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