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When Obama lied to pass the ACA, he should be charged and prosecuted for criminal fraud. No other professional would be allowed to lie or even distort facts, imagine a banker lying like that to get you to accept their terms of a loan, or a broker, or a realtor...lying SHOULD be considered perjury and liars charged.
He should be prosecuted for voter fraud.
Saudi's and OPEC attempting to lower the price to make fracking here uneconomical and stop our climb to energy independence.
I quit flying except for emergencies 8 years ago. Sick of paying good money to be treated like a terrorists. They give Saudi's a quick pass through or those who are potential terrorist wearing burka's and hiding their identity, allow illegal aliens to fly with no ID, but treat American citizen who plainly are not suspects like they are the terrorists, so I won't waste my money to be treated like this.
Our MSM has been quietly taken over and is now owned by six ultra rich families who support the NWO. Now six giant corporations own what in 1983 was owned by fifty corporations, and these six families control what the media says and how they say it! Americans should DEMAND that these monopolies be broken back to their 1980's entities..
Mark Begich is an anti-second amendment, anti-constitution, anti-freedom and liberty Obama communist rubber stamp. He was the deciding vote on the unconstitutional Obamacare passed without even ONE republican vote, and then allowed the democrats to overthrow the filibuster rule and allow Obama to appoint liberal extremist activist judges who will attempt to subvert our constitution. He is a blatant liar and must not be allowed to remain in the senate, Alaska has NO representation with this useless idiot filling this seat.
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Immigration Is American

ChillytheAlaskan Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 1:41 PM
John Stossel is way off base on this issue. We don't 'need' MILLIONS of immigrants a year, most who are uneducated, unskilled, and unable to ever support themselves, who immediately get their family on welfare and are a drain on our economy. We need to secure the border and have a moritorium on most immigration until we get most of the NINETY MILLION AMERICAN WORKERS back employed, then return immigration levels to traditional levels of maybe 100K a year of immigrants who are capable of taking care of themselves and will not be a burden on our citizens.
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Immigration Chicanery

ChillytheAlaskan Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 2:25 AM
If Obama is allowed to get away with this executive amnesty, prepare to have the country flooded with muslim 'refugees' from the mideast as ISIS stirs up chaos everywhere to justify Obama importing 30 million muslims to OUR country.
Secretary of State: No, There’s No 20-Day Deadline To File A Challenge, GOP Establishment #MSSEN
Impeach...HELL, time to try him for treason!
Sure hope Mann will be forced to provide ALL his data during discovery, which he refused to do when he sued the Canadian Dr. Ball. Bet he again won't and will drop the suit if compelled to provide it...better to be thought a fraud, than to have to provide all the data to prove it.. I think he just keeps trying to bully others and bankrupt them using all the government grant money he received to make him rich enough to continue to sue his critics.
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