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Restate of the Union

ChillytheAlaskan Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 5:26 PM
John Stossel, as well as many in the upper middle class up to CEO's of companies, would have a different view of social security and medicare if they had to pay 15% of their total earnings into this system. Now they are protected, as there is a cap well below their payscale, so they might only be paying 5% or less, leaving them significant money to invest in their retirement. I paid more into S.S. & Medicare per month than I did into my pension, for over FORTY years and I don't even get half as much from SS. If I had been allowed to invest my SS funding into my pension, I would not need SS or medicare, and my pension would be double! I'm not stealing from any young person, the government stole from me.
The executive amnesty and allowing all the terrorist who have snuck in to have amnesty is worse for security than what the house has proposed. Come on republicans pussies, no more phony excuses, you were given the majority to STOP THIS AMNESTY, and REPEAL OBAMACARE, and stop OBAMA'S UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND UNLAWFUL ACTIONS.
I think it was enthusiasm for voter fraud that gave Obama the election in 2012. ACORN registered phony voters and no required photo ID and numerous 'activists' who think the ends justify the means. This only had to happen in the five swing states, where reports of voter fraud went through the roof, alleging voters who couldn't spell their own last name, and bus loads of non English speaking Somalians claiming to be citizens. We MUST stop this voter fraud and regain our honest elections, I am tired of being disenfranchised by illegal alien voters.
So are these licenses marked NON CITIZEN? Sure hope conservatives are keeping track of the voter registry to make sure these non citizens are not being registered to vote, and the licenses are clearly marked non citizen so these ILLEGAL ALIENS can't just cross into another state and get a new drivers license there that presents them as a CITZEN
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Obamacare's Annus Horribilis

ChillytheAlaskan Wrote: Dec 31, 2014 8:33 PM
Passed using criminal fraud, lies and deceit, MUST be repealed entirely..
This is why blacks are killing each other, watch the video and find out what it takes to make our system work. This is what has made America exceptional. Harvard Professor: Says it all in 90 seconds! Quite profound!
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A One-Man Revolution

ChillytheAlaskan Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 3:21 PM
He MUST be impeached, he can not be allowed to continue to advance an agenda OPPOSED OVERWHELMINGLY by the AMERICAN people
Lawyers do not study the constitution, do not study it's history or what the founders intended. They study CASE LAW and then how they can defeat what the founders intended based on mistaken or wrong opinions by the SCOTUS.
I agree with this author, in our modern age, there is no legitimate reason new members should not replace those un-elected IMMEDIATELY, and we should stop this monkey business that is going on now, that we know the new congressmen will NOT agree with.
and now we will know their names and addresses as they sign up for this amnesty and the benefits. This unconstitutional amnesty means NOTHING, WE DON'T WANT ANY STINKING LAWBREAKING ILLEGAL ALIENS staying in this country.
When Obama lied to pass the ACA, he should be charged and prosecuted for criminal fraud. No other professional would be allowed to lie or even distort facts, imagine a banker lying like that to get you to accept their terms of a loan, or a broker, or a realtor...lying SHOULD be considered perjury and liars charged.
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