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so what, blacks kill blacks at 93% effectiveness, if whites kill blacks at a lesser rate, guess blacks can calim victory in their ability to kill blacks better than whites
safe days and loves, cya soon veteran ;))
ok if liberals are gonna make it the ends justify the means kinda world, fine August 1st is now white people kill a minority to save our way of life. If we can get 20% participation, we will reshape the world. See if whites actually did this kind of chit the media would revot, heck we revolt at the thought and therefore never act on it, but allowing minorities to act as atrociously is forgiveable since we have guilt and they don't have numbers.
there are over a 1000 deaths per hr from gov't intervention, why is that ok just because it didn't involve a gun or a white perpretrator?
OK want a real challange or telling of the facts. Fine, reelect obama and I promise you the use of guns before they are taken will be the tragedy you are trying to make this into for gun control. Pot cig clingers and I legally Will my gov't job to my stupid prodigy will die at the hand of the confiscated outlawed gun that doesn't exist except to allow more gov't employees to to outlaw more guns.
We have without a doubt the greatest collection of thought, morals. They had a willingness to forego life, wealth and honor to establish a republic were ideas and law not men, either of birth or deed, will lead the day. As Adams said this is a gov't not for a moral people, either live morally or choose to reap the whirlwind.
r u retarded, should we call someone? in the last 240 years how many free republics have been initiated? yes needing a right to guns to keep it is imperative, even having it is under attack from idiots like u
ZL if you are not committed please turn urself in
byeBarry Wrote: 13 minutes ago (4:14 PM) Guns built America not commies. ReplyFlag as Offensive Post Comment ChiefsaretheNavysbackbone Wrote: 10 minutes ago (4:17 PM) an independent spirit, a work ethic that my spoils are mine, and a rule of law that taking of mine is not allowed is what built America. Having guns to ensure that neighbors or governments didn't think otherwise is what allowed us to exceed.
sided with Harvey, what does that mean?
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