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if you are looking for a nonhypocritical liberal you better pack a lunch and a flashlight
they were allowed to wear the uniform in the Hillcrest parade in San Diego
obumbler has already spent 5T to get reelected, if that isn't enough he doesn't deserve to win.
assert 2nd amendment rights, carry when they say give up your guns respond, Molon Labe "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not."
Derek should write more or maybe it takes time to come up with gold as he usually does
if u continue to use logic and thought we will endeavor to create mass histeria to confound such nonsense unless it has to do with climate change
so what, blacks kill blacks at 93% effectiveness, if whites kill blacks at a lesser rate, guess blacks can calim victory in their ability to kill blacks better than whites
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