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You can't have a free democracy AND cultural homogeneity. The sooner you figure this out, the more empowered politically you'll be. Until then, you're just another uneducated, delusional tea-bagger.
Really? A Hitler reference? You gotta learn to temper your rhetoric if anyone's gonna take you seriously, dude.
Funny. Those that were staunch supporters of anti-miscegenation laws used the same rhetoric.
You know where the door is. Feel free to use it.
Don't forget the classic, "he wants to take away our guns and religion" and "make everyone gay." lol.
So, when do the four horsemen of the apocalypse come? lol.
You can't have a free democracy and demand cultural homogeneity. It doesn't work like that. The longer you think it can the more your "patriotism" mutates into nationalism.
Perhaps you should refrain from drinking before you comment next time - your comment is nothing but alcohol-fueled bravado that's all bark and no bite. Akin, Mourdoch, Walsh - the lunatic fringe is what's sinking you and you're too darn proud to admit it.
The fact that you look at it in terms of "war" is exactly why you'll continue to erode relevance. Having pride is fine until it clouds your judgment.
Funny, I couldn't find that "stand behind Todd Akin" piece on Town Hall's front page from a couple weeks ago. I wonder where it went.
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