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Oh please. A return to stagflation is nothing but wishful thinking so conservatives can justify hawking the same economic strategy since the 1980's.
Conservative pundits can only blame themselves. Thank Rush Limblargh for this one.
Of course he could...as a Democrat. Reagan would be labeled a liberal and marginalized as a RINO by today's Tea-drunk GOP.
Do you buy your tin foil hats at the store or do you make your own?
They learned from the master!
Wow really? Reading comprehension wasn't your strong suit in school, was it?
And how would you go about restoring that? This should be interesting.
There's some responsible rhetoric! Lol.
Dear Tea Baggers and other far-right Republicans whose irresponsible rhetoric cost themselves the election: you can't have both a free democracy and cultural homogeneity.
You can't have a free democracy AND cultural homogeneity. The sooner you figure this out, the more empowered politically you'll be. Until then, you're just another uneducated, delusional tea-bagger.
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