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Opinions Versus Facts

Chief109 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 8:16 AM
One event that survived that tragedy that gives some hope and you will never read about it in the main line news. I understand that there is gasoline station and associated convenience store in that neighborhood that belong to a white man since 1984. When it was realized to what was happening four black men armed to the teeth with rifles and stood guard over that gas station. Reason given "That man has always treated us right, that man has given us work, that business is important to us, he gave our kids jobs." This says it all.
Indeed, it was an earlier time (1776) when our beloved John Paul Jones silenced two gun batteries, raided the port of his birth, confiscated all of his father's sterling silver as he wanted to capture the absent Earl, set fire to the ships in the harbor, with only firing one shot to get everyone's attention so that he would be clearly identified by the citizens and left unscathed. This shook up all of Britain did it not?
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Petty Annoyances

Chief109 Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 3:42 PM
That is not the worst of it doctor. Back in the 50's heaven help you if you could not spell correctly. I do not care if one would have gotten an "A" on their Math, History, or Civics Examination, any misspelled words or fractured sentences would have been circled in red and the test score down graded and recorded. I did not think that was fair but that was the way it was. I was vindicated one time though. We had a new English teacher that came from Pittsburg and she had me read a passage in a book and the word Buoy popped up and I called it "Booey" she called on me and said that the word is pronounced "Boy". I said no mam, not around here it is pronounced "Booey". She and I went to the Principals Office and she found out that there is a big difference in the English language between Pittsburg and Philadelphia called colloquialism.
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Race and Freedom

Chief109 Wrote: May 04, 2014 4:47 PM
Judge, I love you very much but I am older than you are and the way that I see Bundy's comments are the same as my comments. Compare a city slum where everyone is fighting for an existence, gets involved with alcohol and drugs, of which ends up with families with children all with different last names, and shoot outs with turf gangs with the farm where housing, food, and medical care is given in return for field labor. Now you say "That's slavery", well now is not working steel mills, coal mines, oil wells, assembly lines a form of slavery? Come on folks, get away from the Black Card and see it in reality.
Let us see here. This is what you get today when you go to college. First you earn your BS and that equals Bull S***. Then comes MS and that is More S***. And lastly you get your PHD of which is Piled Higher and Deeper. You see folks figures do not lie but liars figure and college students are taught on how to figure. Proof of this, look no further than our government.
Now folks we know what goes on here! There are judges who have compromised their oath and office for the reason of assuring the Democratic Party gets votes. With voter ID a person can no longer go to the grave yard or obituary column in the news paper to gather names so that they can vote multiple times. Gee, this has been going on since 1913, why stop now? I do not think that the Democrats could win many elections honestly.
What does one do when you call for help from the police department and an officer from an outside district, ten miles away, arrives well after the situation has been calmed by two other legal officers and within 2 minutes this officer states "We do not have the time for this!" pulls out his automatic, fires his shot between the other two local officers and kills the 18 year old boy with both parents present and witnessing the event. This offending officer is placed on paid furlough?? I am mad, madder than Hell, I will be hard pressed to even look at a policeman again. It just goes to prove that a human being and his faults are no different when he is wearing a badge and carrying a gun and if nothing else he becomes more suspect and disarming, a very testy situation to be in. Facing an errant bandit is one thing, an errant police officer is something else. The event noted above happened in Boiling Spring Lakes North Carolina on 07 January 2014.
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The Pope and Capitalism

Chief109 Wrote: Dec 19, 2013 6:25 PM
Walter, Pope Francis scares me. He does not explain himself. I do think that he meant that he Is chastising those who do have the means in sharing do not as Christ himself had taught. Before our government got involved, the general public was very involved with supporting the poor. In many communities there existed the Community Chest. A volunteer organization of nurses, doctors, and upright citizens who took care of their poor.
I do believe that the Engineer became mesmerized by the monotony of staring down the tracks with nothing more than a throttle and a break at his use. Imagine driving down the turnpike at 80 miles per hour staring at the road ahead with no steering wheel. I believe that if that engine had a Fireman with the Engineer on board the chance to be mesmerized or hypnotized would not have happened as I believe has happened on that train. It would be like having a passenger in your car, particularly a talkative one. It would cost less than those robot controls as well.
We need to let the US Congress know how we will do all we can to defend Israel and we expect the US Congress to make it known that regardless what the White House thinks, Israel will be defended.
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