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After the spin room dust settles, people remember the demeanor and the screen presence of the candidates. Wait for the week to get over. Mark my words- Romney 'win' will give him poll bounce.
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LIVE OPEN THREAD: The Final Debate

ChicksLoveRight Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 10:15 PM
as if you were ever going to! Don't lie here on TH, we know better!
When siblings fight, its among the family. When neighbors' kids come laughing, we unite! What's difficult to understand?
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Romney Momentum in Swing States

ChicksLoveRight Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 2:17 PM
You copy/paste stuff from liberal talking point. Ergo, you are a fool!
BOOM!!! Ms Coulter wows again as usual!!
I am disappointed that Romney didn't get to point out that Obama's pension is invested via stocks and bonds in overseas companies. Crowley dutifully carried the water for emperor. Obama may have 'won' but everybody knows this time he was schooled, prepped and made to cram thru the attack lines by Axelrod - holed up for 4 days, ofcourse you can bark louder! But will it move the dial??
I think you were right the first time, when the campaign of Obama is unraveling, Soledad got 'yeasty' and start itching you know where!!
This story is fast becoming the face of the incompetency that is Obama Presidency! The voters still voting for re-electing this administration are either fools or don't care about America!
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Polls: Romney Ahead 49-47 Percent

ChicksLoveRight Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 6:06 PM
I hope Romney is ready with rebuttals (even with Obama's fan Candy moderating!) , with his smile, friendly demeanor and confident style of telling the facts! Axelrod has taken over the debate prep sp it is safe to say they will sling the dirt, even mock Mitt a la Biden and they will try to discredit Romney's record, but I hope Mitt and Co have a plan to divert the dirt and call out Obama on false attacks!
'Save' big bird? From whom? These marchers have the IQ of a muppet!
I smell desperation! Liberal desperation!
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