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Just look at the people Illinois has elected over the past few decades. Ethics haven’t mattered in Illinois for quite some time.
Sarcasm much appreciated. But there is one genuinely shocking aspect of this story: Someone in Chicago actually reported it.
You'll find shady voting machines wherever you find democrats.
Such ridiculous & inflammatory statements demonstrate a shocking lack of understanding of the pro-aborts. Only a VERY few sickos like Gosnell actually delight in killing babies. The problem is that to most pro-aborts, a fetus is either an unborn child or a malignancy to be removed as determined by the mother. The child has no identity on its own; it is subject to being defined by the mother. Thus, in the eyes of the pro-abort, calling them “murderer” for aborting a child is met with the same derision as you would have for me if I accused you of being a murderer for removing a wart. The pro-aborts fail to see the difference. So even though I agree with you that abortion is murder, pointing that out is counter-productive until we first convince the pro-aborts that the object of the procedure is actually a living, unique, special, human child.
Why is it that every time we hear of a “calibration error” or similar voting problem, it is ALWAYS in the Democrats’ favor?
Remember, feminism is at its heart selfish. Feminists couldn’t care less about the atrocities you mention because they are not directly impacted.
We all need a little comic relief sometime, and Wendy is sure good for that!
And you should have a job. If you don’t pay taxes, you shouldn’t have a say in how tax dollars are spent.
Under sharia law, the infidel must convert, submit, or die. Under Kentucky Law, the Christian must advocate the gay agenda, compromise their Christian beliefs, or go out of business. Similarities?
“What kind of people will force a business to close rather than violate its religious beliefs when they could just as easily take their trade to someone who would be delighted to get it?” I suspect you already know the answer. These gay customers are more activist than anything else. It was never about the T shirts; it’s about tearing down another Christian & furthering the gay agenda. I would not be surprised to find out (but I admit I have no evidence for this) that the gay customer shopped around at several T shirt shops until he found a Christian that resisted.
Nope. The punishment will be to force the Jew into diversity training to learn to respect & stop harassing the Muslim.
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