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Frekki posted at 8:00 PM: “To kill your children with no regret. Are these people even human? Women, you have a special gift. God gave you the power to act in his name, and produce children…” Yes, Frekki, these women are human. Unfortunately, they are horribly misguided and uninformed. I also believe that women have a special gift given by God. Consequently, I can’t believe that any sane woman would ever knowingly murder her child. The problem at the heart of the argument is that these unfortunate, misguided women don’t know/believe that their unborn children are, in fact, children. Pray for them.
Just a further erosion of the dignity of the office. Thanks Joe!
It makes sense, actually. Nancy & Barry were exchanging gifts on their holiday: April Fool’s Day.
I agree that now she owes him, but what makes you think she has doubts? She’s always seemed pretty firm in her persecution of the unborn.
I do too. I think it says that our Pope sees the image and likeness of God in everyone, understands that God’s mercy is open to everyone, and is reaching out. Isn’t this what the Pope should be doing? It’s now up to our misguided fool of a president how to respond. And we just saw it in his total lack of comprehension of the value and beauty of the gift he was given.
Not likely. If she prays at all, it probably starts off something like this: “Listen up Lord, I’m talking to you . . .”
Mr. President, I think you misunderstand the concept: The key to regifting is to not let anyone else know you’re doing it.
Adds new meaning to "baby back ribs".
Hey pro-aborts! Where are you? If you were intellectually honest, you'd be here defending this practice.
Yup. As soon as they can vote democratic.
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