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Why is this a surprise? What doesn’t the White House celebrate without turning it towards Obama?
I hope not, Ann, but how many voted for Baraq just because he was black? Ms. Ibraheem seems to be considerably more intelligent than to just vote along racial lines, but I thought most other people were as well. And I was wrong.
Last time I checked, striking a woman – actually striking anybody – was a crime. We have a process for dealing with crimes. If Mr. Rice has been through this process, and the victim does not wish to press charges, what right, much less responsibility, does the NFL have to go above and beyond the law to inflict punishment that even the victim does not wish to be inflicted. What other businesses are asked to prosecute their employees beyond what the law requires? The NFL surely has the right to suspend Mr. Rice to protect their brand if they so desire, but they are under no legal or moral obligation to do so.
Agreed on all points. I’m especially worried about the 2016 elections, too. But there is still a difference between someone who has committed great evil (Hitler) and one who is capable of it (Obama . . . actually all of us). Again, even though I have nothing but contempt for the man, I can’t make any link between the evils Hitler committed and the evils that Obama might commit.
Jamie – Actually, I didn’t call you stupid, nor do I believe you to be stupid. I also can’t stand Obama, and thank God for each day we survive his presidency as we count down the days until we are rid of him. I just object to the tired & misguided comparisons to Hitler. I even grant you Obama's questionable morality (objecting to the protection of a baby born alive during a botched abortion for starters) and his lack of respect for our freedoms and form of government (prosecuting the Little Sisters of the Poor, etc., etc., etc.). But Hitler is arguably the most notorious villain in all of human history. He plunged the world into the largest conflict this world has seen (so far). He murdered millions, and caused more millions to die in his war. He was depraved in every sense a man can be depraved. As much as I despise our current president, he doesn’t compare to Hitler. You discredit our side as being over-zealous nuts every time you make that comparison. Obama has given us plenty of material to make our points without having to play the Hitler card.
Stupid statements like yours serve no good purpose. Besides, Obama is no Hitler; Hitler was, although evil & misguided, an effective leader.
Dave8528 posted: “The nuns have better things to accomplish rather than to waste time trying to fight this.” I couldn’t disagree more. Defending our religious freedom is paramount. If we lose this one (and similar battles currently being fought), the Little Sisters won’t be able to do any of those other, "better" things.
Callous? They want to talk about callous?! What is more callous than opposing protection for a child born alive as the result of a botched abortion? (That would be then Senator Barrack Obama voting against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.)
Wait. You mean DWS ISN'T a man?!
Dr. Zinj, normally I would agree with you. However, China is not exactly known to be a champion of human rights with its “one child only” policy. I would have expected anything out of China to blindly support abortion. That being said, I do agree that 44% seems a bit high.
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