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Newsworthy? Try earthshaking! It’s a little like being a Cub fan. We know that each year they – in theory – have a chance of winning the World Series. But deep down, we know we won’t live to see it.
It wasn’t an election; it was an executive order.
Arby, don’t go bringing logic into this; you’ll only confuse the atheists.
That’s why Kate said “if”. Kate’s question to Mr. Dawkins is whether or not he would still be such a proponent of abortion if it was discovered that he was in some group often targeted for abortion. And her question does make sense.
Ya, they are both at war with Christianity, but ISIS as also looking to exterminate the atheists and everyone else that doesn’t believe in Allah or Mohammed.
I agree with Tinsldr2, the owners of the North Carolina restaurant aren’t telling their patrons not to pray; they are just not offering the discount any longer. You don’t know how they may or may not have already fought the FFRF; assuming them to be cowards seems a bit harsh. They have to decide what is best for their business and their family.
Question to Mr. Dawkins: If my joy at stealing your car is greater than your suffering from its loss, should I go ahead and steal it? (Hypothetically, of course.) After all, according to your world view, the net happiness in the world would be increased, making it the moral thing to do.
How sad. Mr. Dawkins’ worldview that anything that infringes upon his happiness should be eliminated is pure selfishness. It is no wonder that such a selfish individual would assume that most people would feel the same way, making his views “moral” in his mind. I pity Mr. Dawkins; he cannot see beyond his own self to even comprehend that even a Downs Child might bring joy into the world.
Will, the only ones who don’t care about the “piles of dead Palestinian babies” is HAMAS, except in so far as they can use them to sway the weak minded & uninformed.
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