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Gang of 8 to Block Amendments on Immigration Reform?

Chicago Undercover Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 2:25 PM
We're going to lose this....and several others, as well....argument. Simple as that. What SHOULD be happening is of no consequence, because the people that can enforce it are the very ones perpetrating the acts. We have no one, in D.C., that is truly willing to stand up to the progressive machine. Because standing up, MAY require something more than words. We have no one who has the stones to say "give me xxxxxx or give me death". There will be no border enforcement. There simply will not be, as pathetic as that is, because we have no one who is willing to stand up to the dictators and say "over my dead body. So, bring a gun when you vote." We will also see gay marriage "legalized by June; The "debt ceiling" raised again my $.02
Chicago Undercover Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 2:27 PM
I am absolutely ashamed of this country's "leaders"....almost every single one of them.
And none to proud of about 47% of the sheople.

Be prepared, folks, because this is NOT going to go well. And it's going to go haywire, not just in our life times, but in 2013 I suspect.

The Washington Post is out with a report implying the Gang of 8 is working to block amendments to final legislation, delaying   the release of a reform plan:

A bipartisan Senate group on immigration legislation is attempting to craft an agreement so secure that the eight members will oppose amendments to its core provisions, an arrangement that could delay the introduction of a bill, people familiar with the negotiations said.

The senators had said they hoped to present their proposals this week, but Republican members expressed skepticism about that timetable Sunday. The group continues...