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Sources: Democrats' New Budget May Actually Accelerate Spending

Chicago Undercover Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 2:55 PM
Well, I am in Lake County and we don't have that problem :-) But, when I was in the city I spent a ton of time in my alderman's office demanding that they support spending cuts when necessary. When they didn't (and they never did) I campaigned for their opponent. Got one of the bastards removed from office. On a federal level, I think we're dealing with a different issue and different solution. Voting on election day is not the ONLY way to remove someone from their post......just sayin

Bear in mind that this is the same crew whose most recent "deficit reduction" plan increased the deficit by tens of billions, who are trying to redefine tax increases as "spending cuts," and whose idea of a "balanced approach" doesn't actually involve balancing the budget.  Still, inventing close to $2 trillion in phony, fig-leaf deficit reductions is a pretty tall order.  Yesterday I briefly called attention to a piece in The Hill that sketched out the broad contours of Senate Democrats' forthcoming budget proposal -- their...