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Obama is the OPEC President

Chicagoray40 Wrote: Sep 23, 2012 12:08 PM
Outside Chicago they're over 4 bucks in my county LAKE and there's no county tax even!! As opposed to CROOK COUNTY which contains third world OBAMACAGOVILLE and they have prices up to 5 a gallon so the Crook County board made up of mostly minorities today look for ways to hand more money to their 'beholden constituency".... WE could go anywhere on the globe and just TAKE whatever the hell we want to and we don't. Since everyone hates us anyways why not. Just take it all and tell these camelhumpers to go scratch. I'm sick of taking shiiite from cave dwellers.

First it went up—an expected reaction to the expanding anti-American riots taking place in the Middle East and Israel’s “hawkish statements.” Then, almost inexplicably, it went down—while the reasons for the increase remained intact.

Industry experts have come up with a variety of explanations as to why the price of crude oil suddenly dropped from “a four month high of $117.95”—with American gasoline prices at “the highest ever level for this time of the year”—to “their lowest in six weeks.” A wide range of reasons are offered: expiring futures contracts; doubts about the pace of global economic recovery;...

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