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"Yet the Obamunists keep calling for more money and more regulations. " Obammunism, that's what we need to call this ghettoHarvard Ideology..
We all laughed our azzes off at the queen of ghetto Peggy the Mooch when she exclaimed on O's anointment night (of which there's even doubts the campaign ever reimbursed Chicago taxpayers under the Daley Machine for despite early assurances they would) that "He gonna pay my mortgage, my car note, my groceries....." and it appears she was more right than wrong about that. This guy is just Obama the destroyer and the people who voted for him hereafter should be marked with the "idiocy scarlet letter" so we know who to steer clear of out here on the outside... these people are the most dangerous people this nation's ever had inside it's borders and what we do with that problem after Obama's gone will determine the course when we're gone
Agreed, people are underestimating the ballz and gumption of a lifelong investment banker like Romney. He's a cool cucumber but when it comes to cut throat business decision making those people are the ones making billion dollar decisions every hour. I know, I have 2 in my family, my father & my younger brother & both are very wealthy men. My bro played pro football for 4 years before going 2 Wall Street after schooling at Cornell & Harvard Business School & my old man Notre Dame and HBS, myself just a Web coding UVA grad which makes me the black sheep of the family. lol But they don't play, they're down & cold customers who r making again decisions every day that have billions in the balance. Romney's gonna 'cut his throat' soon.;)
You know what though, they're owned by Comcast now and they're very serious about their brand because NBSleaze was just one media company, whereas here at Comcast they can effect millions & millions of subscribers who cancel that stuff over Maher and Olbiewonkanobie and Madcow and such and that's about 200 average a customer a month where NBC can suck all day and still keep their license, they have no subscribers ya know. They even made Leno take a major pay cut and fired 20 of his staffers today so they're thinning the liberal herd and my bet is becoming far more family friendly than they were with GE led by traitor Jeffery Immelt.
Those of us who can DO, those who can't teach and become politicians so they can tell everyone else what to do although they've never done it. Dem politicians at least. 80% of the Bush administration had worked in the private sector and reached the top of their chosen fields while 18% of the Choomgangers in Obama's cabal ever have. Most r lifers and academia nuts who spend most of their lives pretending they know everything teaching dumb kids who get dumber and dumber in their presence as we obviously know from their voting this guy into office. He wouldn't get hired for a security guard at a school nowadays, but somehow they greased him into Harvard Law, Columbia, the US senate for 160 days and a few years part time in the IL senate.
Outraged welfare O voters yelling the n word at each others while singing rap songs like "working on the CHOOMGANG" and other Obama favorites from the Ivy League Plantations and a bunch of Black Panther thugs running around in surplus Ugandan Idi Amin Halloween Costumes like we're supposed to be afraid of these NewJackCity Broughams...
Your about as funny as a fart in a headwind.
Well we sure know how much the black community hates whitey in the white house, they won't vote for one.... unless he's the Candy Man dem with lots & lots of goodies 2 make their world go round like Slick (blowmydickkkk) Willie Bob... but when GOP whitey threaten them with working to pay their way through life they run like Tiger Woods to the first blonde white groupie ho that slithers round him like stink on a monkey at the19th hole. Google Malik Shabbazz & C what he has to say about what needs 2 be done with white babies..that's a racist. If whitey said such a thing about black rugthugs they'd be lynched albeit cyberwise it's still quite damaging & intimidating. Just ask the Chick Fil A PR exec who had a heart attack and died.
Closer to "Ghettoization" and "Ghettoites" as in "Suburbanites" ;)
Closer to "Ghettoization" and "Ghettoites" as in "Suburbanites" ;)
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Video: Paul Ryan's Greatest Hits

Chicagoray40 Wrote: Aug 11, 2012 5:35 PM
Yea I did too, I wanted to see a real accomplished Military man spend three months doing nothing but ripping Obama to shreds on his "George Bush created terrorist Policy" he's been mooching off of for 4 years now while running the entire last election on the 'anti bush' antidote. And he can say stuff to Obama on the public stage Ryan and Romney just can't. That's why I wanted Herman Cain too, he's the daddy Obama never had and would spank him like trayvon after being kicked out of kindergarten for moving weed for his biological daddy three times removed... ;( lol that would neuter the Obama race baiting in a heartbeat.
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