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Obama’s Psycho Job Phobia

Chicago 'Burbs Gary Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 10:57 AM
The stats and headlines regularly reported by the liberal media are a joke. Journalistic integrity? Nearly nonexistent today. Look at U6 - a much more realistic view of the unemployment picture. From 1994 - 2008, it ranged between 7 and 11%. Any guesses as to the average since then? Try 16%. Fantastic job creation picture, right? Also rarely mentioned is the labor participation rate. After 20 years of consistent rates between 66 and 67%, the unemployed dropping off of the "official" count have driven it below 64% in just 4 years. The lapdog media would never dare highlight these statistics, but they are readily available on the BLS website to anyone with the guts and honesty to look at them. Cheers.

Good news everyone: Jobless claims on a weekly basis fell to a five-year low according to the Labor Department.

Bad news everyone: Yet still more people remain jobless.

And why is that? Because Obama doesn’t care about jobs.

When you reckon out the newest jobless figures using the Obama’s best calculus, the weekly decline doesn’t mean that fewer people are unemployed.

That would be asking way too much from an administration that seems phobic about private-sector job creation.

“Applications for jobless benefits decreased by 37,000 to 335,000 in the week ended Jan. 12, the lowest level since the period ended Jan....