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Chevy Volt: Solyndra on Wheels

Chicago 'Burbs Gary Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 3:02 PM
Slight correction - WE bought your Volt. You paid the lion's share out of choice, and the gov't robbed the rest of us to pay the balance. Great for you, not so great for us.
"I absolutely love my Chevy Volt."

That's what the smug guy in the TV commercial says when he's praising the virtues of his plug-in hybrid and boasting that he hasn't seen a gas pump in months.

You might love your Chevy Volt, too -- if you could afford to buy one.

The GM Volt, aka the Green Edsel, is not just an overly engineered, overly expensive, overweight and impractical car than runs on electricity and gasoline.

It's a Solyndra on Wheels. The Volt only exists because it's been so heavily discounted by GM...