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Did anyone pay attention that this was 9/11? GEE media folk maybe that had something to do with it..
Are there any headlines what these people were yelling? DOES anyone know? Something like there are a billion Osama's Obama..
If Obama is in office after the list of screw ups and enemies he has made, starting with picking RAMBO (who is fighting a make believe teachers strike in Chicago) when he started his presidency moving to ramming through the Obamacare act that no one know was in it the Americans deserve to burn in debt and fall apart. When the money becomes worthless from continual printing then and only then will the morons that support this idiot understand. What am I saying they will just blame Bush because they are morons
President empty chair is partying it up in Vegas... I could not agree more. Maybe if he actually attended the intelligence briefing once in a while he would know whats going on.
Does anyone believe that the IRS cant do what ever they want to you with this kangaroo court system?
If you want HOPE and YOU want change then you will BLOW up the TAX code and move to a national sales tax.. Where all men are equally treated. Expenditures of the federal government would be capped to no more than 16% of the prior years GDP numbers. Its time for real change and real hope.
Does anyone want to know why there is no fast pace innovation in America anymore? Look in the mirror and at all the laws that make creation cost millions and regulate every aspect of your lives. We lie to ourselves and say we are doing things for the public good but who is the public and what do they believe is their good? It used to be people could buy things in an honest exchange. Now if your exchange displeases the ruling elite it will regulated out of existence at the point of a GUN. IS this AMERICA? IS THIS the LAND of Liberty and opportunity? The statue of Liberty still stands but weeps as she looks over this once great land where individuals could make a difference.
I hope everyone enjoys the Pontius Pilate justice system. Liberty? LOL Happy Dependence Day.
We need to go back to a national sales tax. The system of injustice on the American people brought about by the current tax code is immoral and unjust
"To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical." Thomas Jefferson. What would he think of this Obamacare tax and the Supreme court?
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