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Only 11 People Show for Chicago Teachers Union Victory Lap in Michigan

chevy6299 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 4:01 PM
I moved from Michigan over 6 years ago but go to visit relatives from time to time. Anyways saw one of the ads on TV for prop 2 and asked what that was about. Shock the only thing they knew was it would change Michigan's Constitution so they wouldn't vote for it on that reason alone. After changing Michigan's Constitution 40 years ago for no fault insurance I can't blame 'em.
The fact that only 11 people showed “for a discussion of the 2012 Chicago Teachers Union strike and what it means for Michigan unions,” could be signal that there may be underwhelming support for the unions’ Proposal 2 on Michigan’s statewide ballot.

The CTU has been on a victory lap of sorts around the country, crowing about its decisive win over Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the recent teachers strike. The tour recently made a stop in Ann Arbor.

Michigan union officials want to use the Chicago strike as a springboard for other Big Labor victories, like approval...