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The Decline and Fall of America

Chestertonfan Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 1:47 PM
Why do you think the Fed always quotes consumer inflation "ex food and energy"? Because they are inflating like crazy on the world markets because they are priced in US $' which is being inflated like crazy withe the figurative printing presses going night and day. Gas prices have almost doubled in the last couple of years, food prices are up close to 20% year over year. It will get worse.
ManxMinnJack Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 6:16 PM
Much worse. Four more years of this? America will be lucky if it survives half his second term.

A few days after the election of 2012 the very talented Michael Ramirez published a political cartoon that perhaps conveyed a more profound meaning than he anticipated. He depicted a pair of hands extending from star-studded sleeves (presumably from a mendicant Uncle Sam), which were held in supplication, as though waiting for a handout or petitioning voters to relinquish more of their earnings to the federal government. There’s another way of interpreting this image, however; the hands appeared not only pathetic and a bit contemptible, but also aged and withered, as though belonging to an old man. In which case,...