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The Colts balls were smaller than the Patriots balls, hence they lost. :o)
You mean a "real" right, like abortion, free birth control and gay marriage? Or do you mean a "fake" right, like the first and second amendments? Just tryin' to get this rights thing straight.
At least in his "outside" voice.
Sorry, "murder"
Fish in a barrel.
She would right those off as being from inferior stock. Their ruder is still helping the overall gene pool, in her eyes. Sick.
Of course not, State approved when she was SoS.
By far the largest growth in employment is in energy and related services. Total production on private and state lands +60%, production from federal lands -6%. Yet 0 takes credit. Only bald faced lying and media support make it possible.
At least he left out "Alluah Akbar" at the end.
Daft Taft can't stray from the talking points. You know that, Doc.
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