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With Everything at Stake, Where's Mitt?

Chester4 Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 8:12 AM
Hey D bag, stop trying to cover for the fact that you were one of the smart guys telling us that Mitt had to be the guy! How the heck are you anyway...a journalist? The journalist majors that I knew in college were the idiots that couldn't pass studies in anything useful! I mean who anointed reports/press/writers to be people we should pay attention to? If you and your buddies have nothing useful to say on this campaign, then shut up!
A look at the Republican presidential candidate's schedule of public events shows a remarkably relaxed pace for a man who says this election is critical to America's future. Here's what Mitt Romney did on the trail in mid-September:

He had one public appearance on his schedule Monday, Sept. 17, a speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles.

He had one appearance scheduled the day before, an airport rally in Pueblo, Colo., but it was canceled after a small-plane crash there killed one person.

Romney had no public events Saturday. On Friday, Sept....