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Funny the WH is outraged! Now they know how the rest of us feel when Obama makes a speech and all you hear is I, me and my!
Hell is waiting....
Who figured out when Adam and Eve existed? Better question is, who says the 6 days it took God to create the heavens and the earth was "our" 24 hr day?
The only thing stupid here is a moron like you lacking historical perspective. Here we are the youngest Republic in the world, now the most divided and you imagine no chance of a military lead coup? Really? Interesting...
Honestly makes the increase worth it to me, to see all the hand ringing! Liberals.....and Obama voters....let me introduce you to your bed....enjoy your sleep! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
Snap thanks to creative accounting - it just doesn't matter anymore.
Does anyone seriously give a s-h-i-t what this jack-a-s-s says?
Hey Marsden you're a moron!
Seriously!? Every sex toy I've ever seen (used) has been fairly intuitive... You got to wonder about kids that age who need to be taught.
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