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Goldberg, you're the gift that keeps on giving.
Here here!
The "47%" video was devastating. I doubt even a "Reagan Democrat" will support a man who insists that ALL Democrats are irresponsible, lazy freeloaders. So Romney's only hope now is Independents. Best of luck, Mitt.
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Ann Coulter on "The View"

CherryRed Wrote: Sep 29, 2012 7:27 AM
If this is a sample of what this show is like - women constantly interrupting other women so absolutely no point gets made - it's an insult to women. Who watches this dreck?
Romney supporters, YOU ARE NOT IN A STATE OF GRACE. Write in Rick Santorum in '12!
loadstar: So, you didn't support OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, you probably believe in global warming, and you probably believe the Earth is billions of years old. You don't call yourself a TRUE REPUBLICAN, do you? You sound like like one of those atheistic disciples of the Godless Ayn Rand. If so, may Republicans have mercy on you.
And the BLASPHEMY of the earth being "billions" of years old? You may not believe in God, loadstar. But God believes in you.
And you believe in the nonsence of global warming?
Are you a faux-Christian? What kind of a Christian are you? You can NEVER be "too didactic" about God.
Africans were known to be in cahoots with American slaveowners. Who's to say Obama's ancestors weren't one of those Africans?
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