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My previous comment was 'automatically' posted before I finished composing and editing ... Comment: If we had any congressional members that had "guts," an immediate investigation would have occured.
If we had any congress members that had "gut," they would immediately enacted an investigation to the
A few years ago, abortion had no chance of legalization by a country known as a Christian Nation, so the death panel for the elderly, terminally ill, and those considered undesirable is not a lunatic's opinion. However, just as in Hitler's Germany, people will not accept the truth about their leader, his followers, and the so-called elite liberals -- after all, THEY know best for us and our once great country! The above is my opinion and I stand by it! God help the USA!
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Palin Was Offered RNC Speaking Slot

CherokeeLady Wrote: Aug 23, 2012 7:18 AM
The Dems think we are too dense to remember Bill Clinton's treatment of certain women, especially the young girl who had more devotion for Bill than brains. Nor did he respect his wife and daughter when his "conquests" were more important than them. Oh, I remember Bill very well -- I shall never feel the Oval Office is clean!
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