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Hillary’s Histrionics Hide Truth

cher15 Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 9:01 AM
I thought her "outrage" seemed rehearsed. Surely she knew at least a few unfriendly questions would be asked. With countless of advisers, most of whom are lawyers, and 3 months to get ready for this inquiry, the best she could come up with is a few people could have been out for a walk (with heavy weapons?) and throwing her arms up poking the air and declaing "what difference does it make"? Makes one wonder what kind of threats the families of these four victims are getting, cause if my son had been ingored when he was pleading for help, the most dangerous place on earth would be between me and a camera.

After four months of playing hide and seek with the American people, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton honored the Congress with her presence long enough to duck and deceive the American people regarding the worst incident of terrorism against Americans since 9/11.

Those who are fans of Mrs. Clinton must have been delighted with her tap dancing around questions addressed to her by House and Senate Committee members. Those fans consider all this as just stagecraft created by political hacks that have no right to question “his eminence” --the President -- or his esteemed Secretary of State. Yet there are many...